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I would like to talk about breakfast for a minute but to do so I will have to take you across Wyoming for a while.  I love the drive on St. Rt. 26 from Dubois Wyoming to Riverton Wyoming because the highway takes you by some amazing geology.  The Wind River Mountains (like the Bighorns) are [...]

Petrified Wood

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Petrification as literally translated from the Greek is "to change to stone"  In Greek mythology, the serpent haired Medusa was so ugly that one look turned the viewer into stone.  The many boulders of petrified wood that occur around the area weren't changed by Medusa's glare.  The often beautiful fossil wood often gets more than a [...]

Dinosaurs in the Hills

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Dinosaurs used to live here but you would be hard pressed to see any evidence of them.  As a group, they are mostly romanced by children but some of us never really grow up.  I spend a great deal of my spare time "climbing stairs" around the local hills looking for the evidence of their passing [...]


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Does that rock have dip?  No, this is not another food metaphor! Dip is a technical geologic term meaning the orientation of a rock layer in 3 dimensional space. This property has to do with both direction and magnitude of the angle that a rock layer slants away from that famous horizontal plane.  The line that [...]


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The last thing on anyone's mind around the Powder River valley is earthquake.  Granted we are in a pretty low risk area for earthquake but we are not in the lowest possible category.    In fact, according to the United States Geologic Survey,  we have a 2% probability of exceeding 1/10th of the force of gravity (horizontally) [...]

Doug the Triceratops

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Upper Cretaceous Dinosaurs are actually pretty uncommon in the world. The most common and most well known being the browsing Triceratops.   Triceratops was a giant of a fellow.  Much like the animal shown in Jurassic Park (the movie).  They were the cows of their time being herbivores in contrast to their carnivorous arch enemy Tyrannosaurus rex. [...]


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"Darn that old Gumbo!"  is a phrase you hear all too much this time of year.  But what is that "old Gumbo".  Geologically speaking, "gumbo" is a garbage basket term that refers to sticky soil that usually very high in clay.  The term can refer to any kind of clay but some kinds of clay are [...]

Going back in time and looking up

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As we look up at the night sky, we see familiar patterns in the stars and the friendly face of our moon.  As a species, mankind has paid very close attention to the sky, often attributing great stories and legends to what we see.  A recent discussion I had on the internet had an interesting link [...]

Global Worming (no that is not a mistake)!

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I never though I would see it come to this.  The scientific method has been thrown out the window for media bluster with politics in mind and a startling consensus is reached before any real research has even begun. You see, the scientific method requires certain assumptions that produces a theory but the problem is that any theory is only as [...]

More on Global Warming

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Copyright 2006 More cries of Global Warming in the News.  One of our Ex-Vice Presidents is even on the band wagon tooting his horn.  There is no question that we are enjoying warm/ dry summer temperatures that relate to the latest cycle of drought that mother nature has provided us. I seems that this year's drought is a continuation of [...]

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