I never though I would see it come to this.  The scientific method has been thrown out the window for media bluster with politics in mind and a startling consensus is reached before any real research has even begun. You see, the scientific method requires certain assumptions that produces a theory but the problem is that any theory is only as good as the assumptions.  The assumption I speak of is that CO2 is an atmospheric green house gas and as it increases,  temperature rises. Since humans produce CO2 more now than at any time in the past, the temperature will rise accordingly.  This theory was accepted in the popular press as a “law” long before the testing has really started. This effectively thwarts the scientific method. You remember that “everyone knows that CO2 will cause the temperature to rise”!  It was global cooling in 1976.  Are there any other skeptics out there listening? (Don’t admit it publically if you are a skeptic because you will be pigeon holed into the holocaust denier group.).

Worse, scientists who disagree with the “theory” are being personally attacked.  Some global warmers are even calling to forcefully “silence” dissenters by yanking their certifications.    How can a skeptical scientist be marginalized when by questioning weak assumptions based on marginalized data, they are being good scientists.    Worse, many politicians are coming out strongly in favor of this “global warming” concept even though a majority of them have no training in or understanding of the science.  They are simply paying lip service to those that are totally brainwashing populations into the fear mongering social control that “abrupt cataclysmic climate change” causes.

I have no doubt that “green living” is better than the way most of us live now.  I am probably the most green person you have read about having the only solar/electric grid inter-tie (3kW) in northeastern Wyoming up and running.  Additionally, I converted a pickup truck to run on Propane fuel.   I own a 35 mpg car (as an option to my other necessary 4×4 vehicles living 14 miles from the nearest asphalt road). I even have gone to the trouble/expense of replacing 90 percent of my electric bulbs with efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (can you say hazardous material?), put in energy efficient everything else and have been known to keep my tire pressure at the proper level.  Ok, granted we can do more to “save” the environment. What I can’t stand is, that science is being greatly misused, hijacked and abused by politics and certain businessmen for whatever subversive purpose.  You really have to ask yourself this question from an informed view point and not buy into the current “popular” notion. I suspect that we will be talking about the greatest scientific hoax of the 21st century around the year 2025 when the10th year of the next global cooling cycles concludes.  (As a result of reduced solar activity and lack of sunspots)

As a fairlywell informed earth scientist, I remind you that we are just passengers on our really big complicated planet.  I still dare any of these global warming “hawks” to tell me what the temperature will be in Broadus Montana next week to a degree accuracy let alone tell me that the whole planet will warm 1 degree average over the next 10 years.  The only thing that is warm there is the cow pies being produced by politicians and fund seeking researchers. (Oh, by the way, cattle are one of the biggest sources of “greenhouse” gasses right behind termites).