Have you been to the gun store recently.  It seems that they are one of the few industries that has been positively affected by the Obama economic slowdown.  Sturm Ruger corporations stock (for instance) is going through the roof.  I have been talking to contacts around the country and this is not a local Wyoming phenomena by any means.

In New Jersey, you can’t buy a 12 guage shotgun, not because they are illegal to buy, but because there aren’t any to buy on the shelves.  In South Dakota, Cabella’s OutDoor Outfitter’s sells ammunition as soon as it arrives.  Literally sold as quickly as it is being unpacked and put on the shelves.  I personally spent an hour visiting every internet source of ammunition that I knew of (dozens) and I finally found some .45 caliber pistol defensive rounds.  Everyone on line lists all calibers but none of them have everything listed.  Backorders, out of stock, or “Don’t even ask” is on the websites when you click “add to cart”.  I have literally been looking weeks for a few hundred rounds of common .380 pistol ammo. Interestingly, if you call a major manufacturer of AR-15’s, (who don’t even pick up the phone now), you have to send a fax for your order and it will take a year to get it.  Have fun with that.

In my closest town (Gillette Wyoming), there are 4 gun shops.  Out here in hunting country where pickup trucks usually have a rifle in the back window, ammunition has always been taken for granted.  Reloading ammo is a way of life.  Similarly to complete cartridges, reloading components are immediately sold off shelves as they are unpacked from their shipping containers.  The big stores not only cannot keep up with demand, they are not even close to being able to obtain the supplies they need as this “shortage” runs up the supply chain.  I also noticed that in all 4 shops, there isn’t an AR-15 for sale in the town.  This is the first time since I’ve lived in Wyoming (since 91), that I haven’t seen one in a local gun store.  Multi-round shotguns are also of short supply and only cheaper off brands are on the shelf.  You couldn’t buy a Remington 870 if you wanted to.  Additionally, any gun of any use in self defense has almost doubled in value from several years ago. This is indeed a National phenomena.

The reasons for this shortage are many no doubt.  I place high on the list, a belief (a highly likely outcome) that the Obama administration is going to reinstate the Clinton Assault Weapon ban that sunset a few years back.  My thinking goes, that people aren’t going to try to overthrow the gov’t or anything that sinister.  I just believe that there is a widespread fear of the anarchy that this kind of economic stress could (and really might) bring.  It is a fact that if you can’t defend yourself, your family/property and can’t rely on police, then you are a helpless sheep surrounded by wolves.  Therefore, law abiding people are taking up arms.  This is coinciding with an increase in use by law enforcement and military units buying up supplies for practice and looking to save money before some of this ammo is “taxed” out of means of ordinary folks.  There is a HUGE demand for guns and ammo what ever the cause.

Right below the surface, there is certainly an unspoken sense of alarm that this social unrest and political outrage, force fed leftists social spending, economic turmoil, and a big (and growing) sense of cynicism about the effectiveness of our legal system.  There is also a high probability of a terrorist attck which would increase the tension around the country in numerous ways. All of this is being managed by an out of control congress and a dangerously ideological new president which doesn’t make Joe Plumber (average guy) feel very secure. As other world economies tank even harder than ours, there is talk of a “new world order” and a world wide “new deal”.  The future is unknown and isn’t looking very bright to say the least.

Having said that, obtaining a reasonable supply of ammunition and firearms may be a very prudent act.  This is to suggest that sooner or later, Bible thumping, hate filled conservative “Bubba” is going to have to stand in line now with a very liberal left coast transplant from San Francisco to get ammo supplies because after all, this country is first come first serve.  If I were that liberal, I would be very polite to Bubba because Bubba knows how to use his gun where that left-winger has only seen them used in the movies.  Hopefully, this doesn’t come down to Darwinistic principles where only those with three or more arms survive.

The next point is, now that you have your spanking new semi-automatic, laser/light equiped, bayonett mounted firearm, how do you use them?  Where do the “bullets” go in???  If you don’t know how to care for, operate in the dark with, shoot a man sized target at 400 yards with firearm, then what?  Time to get trained huh?  I suggest Gunsite, Front Site, or any other professionally run training program.  You also need more than one magazine.  I suggest 20 or so for each gun.

OK, so civil unrest spreads and the law is too busy to help you.  If you don’t hunker down, you’ll have to move.  Got somewhere to go?  Driving isn’t going to work as roads are for those that want to get ambushed. Time to take a hike?

Now that you know how to use and care for your nice new gun, do you have a sling for it? How about some gear to carry those spare mags for a walk out in the country if you need to get out of Dodge.  Got your pretty RED backpack preloaded? (nice subdued earth tones like wooland camo are better). How about breaking in those walking shoes.  Anyway to carry or at least filter water?  How about some packed meals ready to eat (MRE) enough for at least 3 days.  Can you stay warm?  GOOD (get out of Dodge) bags good for at least 72 hours should be an immediate priority.  If you have to move, your not going to have time without some kind of plan.  Do you have all that equipment for every member of your party/family.  Lone wolfs don’t do as well as a group.  Buddy up and good luck.  Time to start reading and preparing for contingencies as only those who are not prepared are afraid, those that are prepared are better secure.

If inflation kicks in, tangables maintain their value.  I can’t think of a better investment than a fine defensive firearm and ammunition for it.  Time to start shopping before the new administration decides you shouldn’t.

Please prepare so you are part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Your government is not going to take care of you.