I live and own a working cattle ranch located on both sides of the Montana/Wyoming border that has 3000 acres of Hell Creek Formation under the grass.  Fortunately, I grew up on a farm, and I obtained a bachelors degree in GeoBiology a masters degree in Geology somewhere in my science background that gives me an interesting perspective regarding the dinosaur fossils that are on my land. Other than science, I have owned a pet shop, several electronic/high tech businesses, been a cop, am a amateur radio operator (My amateur radio call sign is K7WIZ) and have been an electronics tech since I was 18 years old. Sold all those businesses and have since retired to our remote ranch back in 1999. I have been managing a cattle ranch and raising dinosaurs ever since. My other interests are instructing firearm and self defense techniques to interested parties and living a 4 wheel drive existence here in America’s outback.   We now operate a Wyoming based Bed and Breakfast officially called the “Bliss Bones Bed and Breakfast” but the locals call it, the “Bliss Dinosaur Ranch”.  We have dozens of visitors every year to our digs.

Be sure to visit my website at www.wyomingdinosaurs.com and enjoy my blogs that I write for a local newspaper and the Wyoming Mensa newsletter.