Japanese Slow Motion Train Wreck Effect on US.

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Geologic Column Copyright 2011 I have had many people write me asking me what to do with regards to the nuclear reactor mess in Japan. By the time you read this, you probably will know more than I am telling you in this article. First of all, we are watching a slow motion train wreck brought [...]

The International Tactical Rifle Championships 2010

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The International Tactical Rifle Championships were held on the Bliss Ranch.  In 2010, there were 30 teams of shooters competing in the proving grounds of long range carbine and long range rifle targets out to 1000 yards for rifle and 500 yards for carbine. The ITRC is no longer being held on the Bliss Ranch, it [...]

Been busy this time of year.

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I am very sorry for my lack of post and admittedly poor management of the blog lately.  It has quite a few hits each month and I try to write but the end of the year is wrought with weather changes, closing fossil sites up for the coming bad weather, and we had this little event [...]

Ammunition Shortage

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Have you been to the gun store recently.  It seems that they are one of the few industries that has been positively affected by the Obama economic slowdown.  Sturm Ruger corporations stock (for instance) is going through the roof.  I have been talking to contacts around the country and this is not a local Wyoming phenomena [...]

SO2 is the real cause of Global Warming

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NO COPYRIGHT 2009  Distribute Freely Please Let me be the first to tell you what is actually happening with the climate. A retired USGS Geologist and all around brilliant guy, Dr. Peter Ward (from Jackson Hole, WY) has just published this week a VERY impressive paper (I was lucky enough to review it prior to publication) [...]

If You Want to Post a Comment or your own Blog Message, Please Do!

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If you want to post a blog relating to my comments or along similar lines, feel free to type away on the make a comment button on the bottom of each post thread.  I will monitor contributions of course to keep them clean but I welcome good discourse and discussion.  There were over 3000 hits on [...]

Firearms and the 2nd Amendment

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It seems that there is a Bill Introduced in the new congress called HB 45 (The Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009) which is somewhat onerous (MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!) to gun ownership in America.  It wants to (in a nutshell) require in order for you to own ANY gun: 1: You to [...]

My Cell Phone Doesn’t Work!!!

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This is a phrase used all together too much in western Kentucky these days.  There was of course a tremendous ice storm this last week of January 2009 over there and virtually all common forms of communications ceased to function over a wide area.  I heard a news report saying that it was now the plan [...]

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