First Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championships

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The Bliss Ranch just held the first Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championships. July 22-24th this year, Mac's Gunworks (Gillette), Bliss Ranch (on the border north of Gillette), and Extremunition (Wyoming produced ammo) and others sponsored the event while Bliss Ranch hosted the event. This keeps in Wyoming the essence of the International Tactical Rifle Championship which has [...]

The International Tactical Rifle Championships 2010

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The International Tactical Rifle Championships were held on the Bliss Ranch.  In 2010, there were 30 teams of shooters competing in the proving grounds of long range carbine and long range rifle targets out to 1000 yards for rifle and 500 yards for carbine. The ITRC is no longer being held on the Bliss Ranch, it [...]

Been busy this time of year.

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I am very sorry for my lack of post and admittedly poor management of the blog lately.  It has quite a few hits each month and I try to write but the end of the year is wrought with weather changes, closing fossil sites up for the coming bad weather, and we had this little event [...]

If You Want to Post a Comment or your own Blog Message, Please Do!

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If you want to post a blog relating to my comments or along similar lines, feel free to type away on the make a comment button on the bottom of each post thread.  I will monitor contributions of course to keep them clean but I welcome good discourse and discussion.  There were over 3000 hits on [...]


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I would like to talk about breakfast for a minute but to do so I will have to take you across Wyoming for a while.  I love the drive on St. Rt. 26 from Dubois Wyoming to Riverton Wyoming because the highway takes you by some amazing geology.  The Wind River Mountains (like the Bighorns) are [...]

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