HAM Radio

My son (Chris) and I am both General Class Ham Radio enthusiasts.  Chris is call sign KE7NBF and I am K7WIZ.  I keep two redundant Kilowatt class HF Ham Shacks with a dozen antennas between them along with numerous mobiles for 2 meters..  I also am establishing and have up a two meter repeater operating just south of the Montana/Wyoming border.  This 60 foot tower houses two antennas for our and other Hams usage up in this neck of the woods.  The 2 meter frequency is 147.270 with a 123 tone which will eventually be worked into the Gillette NEWARA repeater system.  It is on a high hill top with a commanding view of thousands of square miles.  The site has broadband internet and a weather station that reports to NOAA as well.  You can find our weather station on line at :  http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/wxpage.cgi?call=K7WIZ&radar=udx