Firearms and the 2nd Amendment

February 4th, 2009|

It seems that there is a Bill Introduced in the new congress called HB 45 (The Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009) which is somewhat onerous (MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!) to gun [...]

My Cell Phone Doesn’t Work!!!

February 1st, 2009|

This is a phrase used all together too much in western Kentucky these days.  There was of course a tremendous ice storm this last week of January 2009 over there and virtually all common forms [...]

Geology is Detective Work

January 20th, 2009|

Geology is Detective Work Everyone likes a good book.  Now days the genre has changed.  With the proliferation of the internet, reading books may go the way of the Wooly Mammoth. Geologists, while having read [...]

Dinosaur “eggs”

January 12th, 2009|

Geologic Column By Frank Bliss Folks are always telling me they have found some really cool "dinosaur eggs".  I tell them they are probably not dinosaur eggs.  These rounded, spherical or elongated rocks that are [...]

Being Prepared for anything

January 10th, 2009|

Our lifestyle living on the Wyoming/Montana border and being over 14 miles from the nearest asphalt road is just a bit different than the average urban dweller.  It is a fact of life up here [...]


January 8th, 2009|

Living down wind of one of the largest volcanos on the planet has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. Certainly the Yellowstone ecosystem is one of the last bastions of what North America used to be [...]

Ground Water Geology 101

January 6th, 2009|

Ground Water Geology 101 The saying goes we are what we eat.  I wish to stretch that bit of wisdom a tad further by saying we are also what we drink.  Here is another case [...]


January 4th, 2009|

A little rock appetizer with that salad? On a "global warming"  60 degree day this January, I was out working on a fence line less that 200 yards from my house.  I habitually scan grass [...]

Save the planet from Oil Production

January 2nd, 2009|

I became aware of an email from the group at concerning a petition to prevent opening federal land in Utah to oil and gas exploration. Here's a quote from a page ( on their [...]

Wrong Compass?

January 1st, 2009|

You can't even trust your compass anymore.  (You actually never could!) Most people incorrectly believe that a compass needle points directly to the north magnetic pole.  There are many complicating factors involving the molten iron/nickel [...]


December 30th, 2008|

I would like to talk about breakfast for a minute but to do so I will have to take you across Wyoming for a while.  I love the drive on St. Rt. 26 from Dubois [...]

Petrified Wood

December 26th, 2008|

Petrification as literally translated from the Greek is "to change to stone"  In Greek mythology, the serpent haired Medusa was so ugly that one look turned the viewer into stone.  The many boulders of petrified [...]

Dinosaurs in the Hills

December 24th, 2008|

Dinosaurs used to live here but you would be hard pressed to see any evidence of them.  As a group, they are mostly romanced by children but some of us never really grow up.  I [...]


December 22nd, 2008|

Does that rock have dip?  No, this is not another food metaphor! Dip is a technical geologic term meaning the orientation of a rock layer in 3 dimensional space. This property has to do with [...]

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