The Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship

In 2009, the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch had hosted the rifle leg of the International Tactical Rifle Championship for 6 years.  The owner of that Event Dave Lauck left the area and having had a national level rifle championship leave the ranch wasn’t an option.  We started the Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship for about 10 volunteers and 6 teams in 2010 with only 3 months notice there wasn’t going to be another ITRC.  So the WTRC was born.  We have had so many visitor because of this event, we are honored to have met them all.  What a great group of guys and gals.

There are a hundred people here for 3 days and nights shooting 4 rifle courses and a morning (3rd day) of team versus two man team for all the money.  

This is an overview during the shoot.   There are lots of campers up here in the middle of nowhere. 

The courses total 8.5 miles of groomed marked trails with 250 down range metal targets.  Ranges are Pistol out to 50 yards, carbine out to 500 and rifle out to 1000 yards.  

This is a pure rifleman’s course.  A man, his spotter and his rifle.   We are purists for the most part.  Long range is the game here. 

2017 will be our 8th annual shoot here at the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch.  

We raise money for various wounded warrior, gold star families and special projects related to veterans.  The shooters vote every year on how to spend what funds we raise.  

34 teams pay 600 each to play.  They have come from every state and several countries to shoot here. 

We are proud and appreciate our sponsors.  

We have had 40000 dollar prize tables from donated products through the industry.  Thank you from the shooters to our sponsors and certainly from this ranch.

Shooters here have BIG vistas from some locations.   This is a great place for Wyoming long range shooting.