Green House

Late in 2014, we completed our aquaponic greenhouse so we can grow our own fish and veggie’s.  This is a 40 by 15 foot structure 10 feet underground to take advantage of the earth cooling and heating.   By having the floor underground, we get free cool in the summer and free heat in the winter.  This is a modification of a pit greenhouse (walipini) and done with all modern technology and materials.  Everything is built for outdoor exposure since it is quite humid here.  All of this is done with no dirt growing everything in the water.  It’s complex but very doable if your a good fish person.   I’ve had fish since I was 12.  

There are 4-100 gallon tanks to the rear that have fish in them (60 or so 5 pound(fish) Tilapia).  The other tanks are filter tanks that are a daily 15 minute job to feed and clean on average.  The piping looks like an LA freeway system. 

No soil, everything grows in water.

There are 700 gallons given to fish habitat and 1300 for plants and filter use.  2000 gallons total. 

Some of the Tilapia  family that poops to feed the veggies.   The bigger ones are 7 pounds and the smaller 5.   I also have about 100 – 4inch fish in reserve.  

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes on the vine as we serve our guests.  

Probably the biggest oldest tomato plant in Wyoming  (2.5 years old as of this typing). 

Nice daily harvest. 

We don’t just grow tomatoes.   I can grow anything I can sprout.  



Green Beans

Big tomatoes

Egg Plant


Here’s a couple of 6 pounder Tilapia to feed 10 people that night.

It’s a long building and there is a lot going on down there.  This is only for people that can handle complex system on multiple levels.  Not a hobby for the meek or the naive. There is a lot to do but my my is the 150 square feet of growing area I use productive.  

Yes we include this in school tours of our facilities yearly.    Most kids and teachers have never seen anything like it.