Spring Comes Slowly To the High Plains Ranch

This was harsh spot to be born wet. The mother licks off the after birth but when it is 20 degree out, windy and exposed, it is rough start.

Helping a calf into the world. A first time mother often needs help. This “Calf Jack” literally pulls the calf out of a mother that is having a difficult time with her first birth. This saves the live of both animals.

Once all the calves are born and have change to grow a couple of week get everybody together. Then the job of separating the calves from the mother begins

The calf in the back has to be thinking. “Why is everyone is such a hurry”. It is branding time!

Once you have them all separated out, a plan of action is called for. I think it was the Indians that had a pow wkow but this is the cowboy version.

Time to get those irons hot!

Here is my son Chris (then 15) holding a calf’s head down for branding. There is no known better way to make cattle than branding.

Of course, a three legged cowdog can only take so much on a cool spring. Here “rags” catches a few zzz’s while the rest of us are branding.

In case you thing the cowdogs are the only critters worn out by the morning activities, here is proof that cowboy don’t always sleep in the saddle. The spa is a much better place to relax!