Corrals, Pens and Fences

Busy sorting out animals .

Before the animals can be tested or vaccinated, they have to be sorted out and separated as needed. We have a big corral system with separate pens, handling shoots and watering tanks. It covers about 5 acres and has about a mile of strong fencing. We often use portable panels to custom configure a pen anywhere we need it. We ship cattle directly to semi-trailer cattle hauler truck from our ramps. We usually truck ship cattle to market in South Dakota or Montana.

There is a water hydrant for each pen along with feed bunkers in case we have to leave the animals in the corral for an extended period. We will also separate out injured or ill animals so they can be isolated for treatment.

There is at least 30 miles of barbed wire fence on the ranch. As you might suspect, there is a lot of work to keep up fencing. Cattle do their best along with deer and antelope to knock down fencing. It is the cowboys job to keep the fence tight and upright. We do use a little electric fence primarily for temporary pens.

Calves can be cute in the early fall.