Japanese Slow Motion Train Wreck Effect on US.

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Geologic Column Copyright 2011 I have had many people write me asking me what to do with regards to the nuclear reactor mess in Japan. By the time you read this, you probably will know more than I am telling you in this article. First of all, we are watching a slow motion train wreck brought [...]


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Living down wind of one of the largest volcanos on the planet has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. Certainly the Yellowstone ecosystem is one of the last bastions of what North America used to be like.  Even though the park service messed with the ecology back around 1900 in a mostly disasterous fashion, life finds a [...]


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The last thing on anyone's mind around the Powder River valley is earthquake.  Granted we are in a pretty low risk area for earthquake but we are not in the lowest possible category.    In fact, according to the United States Geologic Survey,  we have a 2% probability of exceeding 1/10th of the force of gravity (horizontally) [...]

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